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Structured cabling system “VINET”. General information

The main aim of SCS “VINET” is ensuring of different scale and scope of activity businesses by high-quality cabling system, that allow to built modern and reliable information infrastructure of enterprises, that is very good alternative decision that are building with utilization non-system components.
Structured cabling system “VINET” is advanced technology product was built on basis of innovative technologies that have the same characteristics as a famous foreign analogues. The owner unique engineering decisions to working up and producing telecommunication outlets and patch-panels are allow optimum unites the best world elaborations of telecommunication equipment with accessibility for domestic customers. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of components for SCS “VINET” are leading producers of telecommunication equipment.
Modular platform of SCS “VINET” allows building cabling systems class D (category 5, with frequency up to 125 MHz) and Å (category 6, with frequency up to 250 MHz) with integration of data and voice in compliance with demand of international telecommunication standard ISO/IEC 11801. Full complex of equipment includes components for building as copper and fiber-optic telecommunication system with high ports’ density. The module system design allows flexibly develop possibilities of cabling system and minimize inputs at the changes topology of data communication and organization new workplaces.
Employment of the most high quality and reliable in the world “tool-less” connection module RJ45 in telecommunication outlets and patch-panels is allowed system unify and too much make easier the process it’s assembling. The system provides for unity modularity that allowed integration of copper (RJ45) and fiber (ST and/or SC) interfaces in any necessary configuration.
The reliability of with cabling system are provided by “hard” control of quality and certification of cabling system “VINET” with pledging of fifteen-years system warranty which confirms corresponding certificate.

Main features of cabling system “VINET”

  • High-quality European cabling system that correspond to requirements of International telecommunication standard ISO/IEC 11801;
  • Fifteen-years warranty on the system from Ukrainian vendor;
  • Production of all components of cabling system is realizing by leading European producers of telecommunication equipment;
  • Completely modular platform for making information infrastructure in different trades of economy;
  • Full complex of equipment for build copper and fiber transmission systems;
  • Application of domestically innovative technological and engineering decisions;
  • Supporting being and future technologies of data, voice and video transmissions owing to big reserve of productivity;
  • Using of the best in the world “tool-less” connection module RJ45;
  • Universality, simplicity, convenience and fast installation’s speed which conditioned by integration of copper and fiber interfaces;
  • Fusion in present telecommunication, trunking and power systems;
  • High indexes of payback and ROI (Return on Investments).
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