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About Alliance Technologies Ltd.

Alliance Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2002 of August. Company mission is working up, producing, delivery and introduction high-quality, advanced technology and modern telecommunication equipment. Among major tasks of our company is spectrum spreading of production because of utilization leading working up and technologies in telecommunication area, we have possibility to produce and introduction our own products.
It does promote to increase amount of information systems which were built on quality principle, manufacturability and system-defined because of share lowering like “un-system no-name determination”, which use components of dubious origin and low quality. But problem data could be embodied on conditions constantly perfection good’s quality which we have and propose to customer and which he need.

The main activity of Alliance Technologies Ltd. is working up, producing and distribution domestically produced of structured cable system that has trade mark «VINET» (“vista” and “networking” – eng.). Name SCS “VINET” as a domestically produced allowed the fact that considerable proportion of systems components produced in Ukrainian factories (late – military-industrial establishment). Factories have very modern and high-technology equipment, high culture of productive relations and very advanced multilevel system control of quality. All these facts allowed producing qualitative and original manufacture by moderate prices. Telephone and universal patch panels, telecommunication wall outlets and different accessories are concern to own elaboration of Alliance Technologies Ltd.

Non-manufacturing business accordance by Alliance Technologies Ltd. arranged free delivery equipment that was buying to customer’s store and technical support our partners on any level of complexity. It concludes in working up of project, reasoned decision for customer, accordance demonstrational equipment and competently composition necessary equipment’s specification. In addition company’s personnel for a long time make an electronic dispatch of technical news and events, producing catalogues and also give necessary technical information. Except technical and marketing support is exist possibility to make a financial support, which concludes in equipment’s payment when it made or on terms commodity credit.

Partners and customers of Alliance Technologies Ltd. are domestically produced and foreign companies specialize in rendering of services in system integration area, working up and construction computer-based systems to manage technological processes, building organizations, commercial and state establishments.


Alliance Technologies Our address: # 11, Vikentiya Khvojky street,
office 302, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04080
tel.:  +380 44 428 98 08 (multi-channel)
fax.:  +380 44 428 98 09
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